Obama on National Security: Serial Fraud

After what he did to health care, America cannot risk the same train wreck on national security

WASHINGTON, DC-- Today the Center for Security Policy released a web ad and letter-writing campaign entitled, "Obama on National Security: Serial Fraud," featuring former federal prosecutor, National Review columnist and bestselling author Andrew C. McCarthy.

The Center's campaign focuses on the president's "national security fraud" and makes parallels from the his's misrepresentations on Obamacare to our nation's defense and security. The text Americans are urged to send to Obama, declares, boldly, that "We, the people, refuse to be lied to, especially about our national security. Too much is at stake – our children, our country, our lives. Your promises about health care and other domestic issues have seriously damaged your credibility."

Can we afford to leave national security to a president accused of fraud and repeatedly lying to the American public?

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