Free the FBI: Let Them Protect America from Jihad

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Free the FBI: Let Them Protect America from Jihad

Something was seriously wrong when, in 2011, the FBI interviewed a jihadist like Tamerlan Tsarnaev – the older of the two Chechens believed to have perpetrated the bombing of the Boston Marathon – and saw no threat.

Yet, that is the predictable result of the shackling of the Bureau that has taken place in recent years.  For example, that same year in 2011, the Obama administration actually purged FBI training materials of information that warns of the connection between the Tsarnaevs’ kind of “religious fervor” and terrifying acts of jihad.

And the Obama administration has also effectively told the Bureau it must get the approval of "experts" with Muslim Brotherhood affiliations before it can do any such training in the future.  This is a formula for much more jihad in America.

Please add your signature to this letter to President Obama: It’s time to free the FBI so they can do their job and protect our country.

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If they hate us so much and want to kill us if we don't submit to them, then why don't they go back?
We need to STOP this backdoor occupation of America! Please act on the will of the people; those same people you were elected to serve. I know I speak for many when I say stop this now!
We must not let the government admit Syrian immigrants into the U.S. when we cannot vet them properly to insure they have no ties to ISIS
Obama you are nothing but a traitor and a murderer. You hate America and it's people and all that it stands for. I cannot wait for God and His Son Jesus Christ to judge you. You have murdered you have committed treason and you are a traitor to the United States of America and it's people. You are even worth the effort of calling you a president because you aren't!! You are a communist and a muslim and you do not belong in the White House no matter what you color is. That has nothing to do with it anyway because as a human being you stink. I will be glad when you are no longer in office. I also cannot wait for God and His Son Jesus Christ to judge you at the end of times. Not only for denying God but for denying His Son Jesus Christ and the fact that He died on the cross for us and shed His blood for our sins and rose again on the 3rd day. God will judge you very harshly and I cannot wait for that day. You need to let the FBI go so they can do their jibe to protect America and it's borders. You also need to pay the military and build up our military again so that we can protect our Country that we love. I know you never will because you hate America and it's people and all that they stand for. You must hate your daughters too because I'm sure they will stay in America and they will end up getting raped and sodomized and abused from you wonderful buddies and terrorist friends. That real sweet of you. In the mean time let our military and our FBI go so they can do their jobs and let' them go NOW!!
Impeach the Islamic Fraud in the President's chair.
Mr. Obama, your leadership on this is not that of a patriot.
Don't let any more terrorists into our country. Keep the Syrian men out!!!!
We don't want what's happening in Michigan to creep into many other neighborhoods. Stop this.
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