Free the FBI: Let Them Protect America from Jihad

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Free the FBI: Let Them Protect America from Jihad

Something was seriously wrong when, in 2011, the FBI interviewed a jihadist like Tamerlan Tsarnaev – the older of the two Chechens believed to have perpetrated the bombing of the Boston Marathon – and saw no threat.

Yet, that is the predictable result of the shackling of the Bureau that has taken place in recent years.  For example, that same year in 2011, the Obama administration actually purged FBI training materials of information that warns of the connection between the Tsarnaevs’ kind of “religious fervor” and terrifying acts of jihad.

And the Obama administration has also effectively told the Bureau it must get the approval of "experts" with Muslim Brotherhood affiliations before it can do any such training in the future.  This is a formula for much more jihad in America.

Please add your signature to this letter to President Obama: It’s time to free the FBI so they can do their job and protect our country.

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This administration is FULL of muslims appointed by bho. First agenda item is to get rid of them.
Bear in mind, I am a very sympathetic and emotional person and I am in shock everyday at what this world has become. I don't understand why all TRUE Americans cannot see, that if we don't reunite and put our differences aside, our country will fall. We HAVE to protect our own from WHATEVER is out to take us down. Seriously, wake up and take a real, hard look at everything that is being ALLOWED (or initiated)(or ignored) to take place in our once proud country... and it goes on and on... while a large percentage of Americans are too busy worrying about the Kardashians. I cry for my children
This is a public outrage. We elected this president to protect America and he is delivering us into the hands of the greatest enemy of our nation. Wake up citizens or we will be in sharia law.
One does not need to be a brain scientist to see the plan jihadist have to infiltrate the U.S.
Remember, they are working on a 1000 year plan. The U.S. self serving politicians are on a political cycle plan.
Wake up America and take defensive action
This is what happens when you turn your back on God. There's a Muslim in the White House who's allowing this country to be a target.
I believe the plea provided above says it all: Free the FBI: Let them protect America from Jihad
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